You may be eligible for conversion credit (to a maximum of 12%) that will be deducted from the premium of the new policy when attained age conversion is exercised. 
Conversion Credit
A This no additional premium rider provides access to your policy death benefit (on a discounted basis) should you become terminally, critically, or chronically ill. This rider can be added at issue or after issue. ABR chronic is not available on Annual Renewable Term.
A Purchase of this waiver provides that in the event of a disability the company will waive premiums for the term policy. If you have been disabled for two years and wish to convert your policy to a new permanent policy, base premiums or monthly deductions on the new policy will also be waived until the insured recovers. 
Accelerated Benefit Rider

Waiver of Premium Rider
Annual Renewable Term

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Supplemental retirement income.

Down Payment
​Make a down payment on a house.

College Education
Help pay for your children's college education.

Financial Emergency
​Meeting financial emergencies such as medical bills.
Our Term Life Policy can help you meet your goals through a series of riders. In addition the death benefit can be used for: Maintaining your families lifestyle, providing for your children's education, providing supplemental retirement income for your spouse, business continuation planning, or charitable giving. 

Other Features

Guaranteed Level Term

Level Term
A Level Term, "L" Series, includes two level term life insurance contracts - L15 and L20. Each contact is competitively priced with current premiums scheduled to remain level for 15 or 20 years respectively. Premiums for these two contracts are guaranteed to remain level for the first 10 years and may increase annually thereafter. The L15 and L20 group products utilize a banded premium structure. The "L" Series generally provides lower premium rates for a shorter guaranteed period. 

A Guaranteed Level Term - "GL" Series, includes three level term life insurance contracts: GL-10, GL-15, and GL-20. Each contract is competitively priced with current premiums guaranteed to remain level for 10, 15, or 20 years respectively. The GL Series uses a banded premium structure. The : "GL" Series provides the longest guaranteed premium period. 

Annual Renewable Term (ART), is a competitively priced, annually renewable term life insurance contract with current and guaranteed premiums, both of which increase annually. The ART contract offers the lowest initial cost of all our term products. 

Term Insurance products provide essentially pure insurance protection - a level amount of like insurance coverage with no equity accumulation - for a substantially lower premium than whole life. Premiums on term policies either increase annually or remain level for a pre-determined period before increasing annually. While initial term premiums are much lower than premiums for other types of coverage, later increases are often considerable. 

Term Insurance is a valuable tool that can help you meet you personal, business, and financial insurance needs. National Life Term Insurance is an affordable way to provide financial security for the people who rely on you - today and tomorrow.

A Term Life policy protects you, and your family.

Universal Life Insurance

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