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Supplemental retirement income.

Down Payment
​Make a down payment on a house.

College Education
Help pay for your children's college education.

Financial Emergency
​Meeting financial emergencies such as medical bills.
Our Universal Life Policy can help you meet your goals through a tax-deferred, guaranteed cash value accumulation. In retirement, you can use this cash value to supplement your retirement tax free. 

Cash Value Accumulation

Indexed Life

Fixed Life
Assure Plus Protector, a Universal Life Insurance policy from National Life Insurance Company, offers you the opportunity to protect what's important to you today:
  • Your Family
  • Your Business
  • Your Income
  • Your Future Goals

but also the ability to prepare for whatever contingencies of opportunities that may come your way.

A Indexed Universal Life (IUL) policy creates an immediate reservoir of funds that, at death can be used to help protect the financial security of your family or to help them maintain your business. 

In addition to the death benefit, IUL insurance also offers the potential to build cash value, on a tax-deferred basis, which may be accessed income tax-free during your clients lifetime through policy withdrawals or loans. Besides the fixed interest crediting strategy, our IUL products offer the option to have interest credited based on changes in either the S & P 500 or the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.

Variable Universal Life (VUL) is a type of permanent life insurance that provides death benefit protection for survivors. A VUL policy offers the potential to build tax-deferred cash value which is tied to the market performance of the sub-accounts. The cash value and death benefit may fluctuate over time depending on the underlying sub-account's performance. 

With a VUL, you have a diverse choice of investment portfolios, as well as flexible premium and death benefit options, giving you personal control to pursue your financial objective.

Universal Life is considered to be the most flexible type of life insurance. Universal Life allows you to adjust the amount of your policy, or face amount as well as the premiums you pay. You can build cash value in your policy without paying current income taxes on the increases and you can potentially access the funds using tax-free loans and withdrawals. 

Universal Life's flexibility allows you to stop paying premiums if there is enough accumulated value in your policy to cover the cost of insurance each month. If you desire, you can then pay additional premiums to build back up the accumulated cash value. You may also be able to increase or decrease your death benefit depending on your life insurance needs.

A Universal Life policy protects you, and your family.

Universal Life Insurance

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Variable Life