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Living Benefits

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Supplemental retirement income.

Down Payment
​Make a down payment on a house.

College Education
Help pay for your children's college education.

Financial Emergency
​Meeting financial emergencies such as medical bills.
Our Whole Life Policy can help you meet your goals through a tax-deferred, guaranteed cash value accumulation. In retirement, you can use this cash value to supplement your retirement tax free. 

Cash Value Accumulation


The flexibility of this policy means that you will have the option to dial up premiums to increase the cash value accumulation or pay up your policy sooner, or dial down their premiums during hard financial times. 
  • Build up cash value for future loans.
  • Structure a paid-up policy with any paid-up period desired.

LifeBuilder features all traditional dividend options, as well as our internal paid-up dividend option which uses the dividend to purchase paid-up insurance. As paid-up insurance is added to the policy, a corresponding reduction of premium-paying insurance occurs, helping your clients achieve a paid-up status even sooner. 

It's LifeBuilder offers you a host of protections during your lifetime.
  • Should you be diagnosed with an illness that is terminal, chronic or critical injury, you can accelerate your death benefit to help meet lifetime expenses through the use of Accelerated Benefit Riders.
  • Waiver of Planned Premium Rider allows you to determine how much of your premium will be waived in the event you become disabled.
Now you can help protect your family and your lifestyle, all with just one policy, with a payment structure to help meet your financial goals. Whole life insurance is a permanent policy designed to help protect you and your loved ones throughout your entire life. Whole life offers a flexible premium payment structure, allowing you to customize the time frame in which you wish to pay your premiums. 

A Whole Life policy protects you, and your family as well.

Whole Life Insurance